Paint Color Trends, Painters Tips, and Painting Ideas
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We Love To Paint! ... and It Shows!
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Paint Color Trends, Painters Tips, and Painting Ideas

Last Call for Painting in the Fall, Y'all!

by Mark Calhoun on 10/12/16

The fall Memphis area exterior house painting season will soon becoming to a close.  There are only a few more weeks before the colder weather will be setting in, making it inadvisable or impossible to paint the outside of you house due to weather conditions. Most of the latest exterior quality paints, like those from Sherwin-Williams, don't recommend painting with them when the temps are in the mid to lower 30's.  Latex paint is made with water, so it is subject to freeze and cold weather.  And even if the temps are in the 40's or 50's during daylight hours, they still can drop down to freezing at night, causing the paint that was applied earlier in the day to not properly cure.  Sure they're dry to the touch in the day, but the curing latex exterior paint takes a few days to fully harden, and nearly 30 days to completely cure.  So unless there are a few days where temps arn't dropping down into the 30's at night, its best to house paint either now in the fall or wait to paint your house in the spring.  Call us for free house painting quote anytime!  We do those all year around!

When Painting the Exterior of Your House Consider the Color of the Roof

by Mark Calhoun on 09/20/16

If you're getting ready to paint the exterior of your house, and choosing colors, don't forget to consider the color of the roof into the equation.  An old architectual admonition from years gone by is that there should never be more than three colors on the face of a house ... and the roof counts as one. That is simply to say that the roof color effects the overall look of the house, and its coloring must somehow blend or match the paint colors being used on the face.  Another way to look at it is this: The roof color counts as one color, the trim color counts as a second color, and the body of the house counts as a third color.  And if you work to keep these three in sync when painting your house, it will go a long way in making the home look more stately and beautiful.  Of course roofing shingles are generally made up of several muted colors, and any of the colors are in play when trying work with colors that will blend with or compliment roof color.  So lets say you have a brick home. Well, the brick is your first color, the trim is your second color and the roof is your third.  So you might ask, "well what color do I paint the shutters?"  Generally speaking, try to pick out a dominating color from the roofing shingles and paint the shutters that color.   While this rule isn't fast or hard, it is a good rule to start with and to follow. Many homes look bad from the street because the roof color competes with the paint colors on the home, sometimes to the point of looking just awful.  The problem is most people don't consider the roof color when choosing paint colors, and after they're put on its too late and too expensive to change it.  So if you're about to paint your Memphis area home, and want it to look its best, be sure to take the roof color into consideration when choosing paint colors.  It will limit you some, but in the end it will make your house look much nicer than if the roof color competes with your paint colors. You'll end up with a much cleaner and professional look from the street.

Is Fall the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of Your house?

by Mark Calhoun on 09/18/16

Since I was a little boy I always heard that fall was the best time to paint the exterior of your house.  The reason back then was they still used oil based paints, whereas today its pretty much all latex exterior paints.  Cooler weather was and still is today, the best time to apply exterior oil based paints. And the reason is very simple.  As oil based paints dry they form gases.  If the temperature outside is very hot and humid, as in Memphis summers, those same gases become trapped behind a quick drying outer skin that forms as the paint is applied, due to excessive heat.  The result is that the paint will bubble. And bubbles don't look good on the outside of a house. 

So while the fall season was, and still is, a great time for house painting, its no longer to keep oil based paint from bubbling, because nobody is using oil base paints on the outside of their house anymore. Exterior oil base house paint has become virtually obsolete.  In fact, you can't even find it in most high end paint stores anymore.  Its been replaced by highly advanced latex based exterior paints.  And thank goodness! The smell and clean up of oil base paint is enough to give anyone a headache. 

Today's latex paints are so far advanced in their technology that they truly are the way to go. Latex paint breathes and stretches better with the wood; it won't yellow over time like oils do; its flexible under harsh conditions; and most of today's latex paints have the primer built right into the paint - hence the often heard commercial advertising phrase, "paint and primer in one!" 

So while the fall season is a great time to paint, its no longer the best time to paint your house. Spring is also a great time, and summer is good too-providing its not so hot that the paint gums up and the painter faints and falls off the ladder. 

Surprisingly, many of the winter days are also good times to paint, providing the temperatures are above 35 degrees.  But if it drops down to freezing, don't paint your house.  Its a bad time.  The water based paint will freeze.

Temperatures in Memphis make painting the exterior of your house nearly a year round thing today. But as a painter, there is still something about painting in the fall that just seems right.  Maybe its being outside in a nice climate after having just endured a Memphis summer. Be it fall, summer, spring and even parts of winter, let us paint your house! 

Tis the Season ... for house painting in Memphis

by Mark Calhoun on 09/01/16

Now that the summer is winding down, the weather is perfect in the Memphis area to paint the exterior of your home. And we're the best house painters in the area. All you have to do is is look at our Calhoun Painting Company Google Business page and you'll see that ten different customers gave us a 5 Star review. No one has ever given us anything less than 5 stars online.

Just this year alone we've painted the exterior of hundreds of homes in Memphis, Southaven, Germantown, Collierville, Olive Branch, Cordova, Nesbit and Hernando.

Our exterior painting system is really pretty simple, but highly effective. We wash your house, then scrape any loose or peeling paint. Then we caulk any broken seams or joints and fill all holes and cracks. We prime any repairs or bare wood, and then we paint.  We always use high quality upper-grade paints from Sherwin-Williams so that the investment you make in painting your house this year won't have to be repeated for many, many years to come.  Our paints carry a 25 year to a lifetime warranty against peeling and fading. And we add a 1 year labor warranty on top of that against the same things. 

While the kind of paint used is key, just as important are the painters who put it on your home. Calhoun Painting Company has some of the best house painters in Memphis working for us. We're consistently complimented about our painters work ethic, their friendliness, and their personal and caring attitude toward our customers. And they're all seasoned craftsmen painters, which means your house is painted in the most professional manner available.

We are the best exterior house painters in Memphis!  But our prices are very, very competitive, often less than the competition. And you'll get the best paint on top of that.

So give us a call for a free painting estimate. I promise, you'll be glad you did!

Gray's Are Still Trending!

by Mark Calhoun on 08/29/16

As a decorator and the owner of a residential painting company here in the Memphis, Southaven, Germantown, Collierville, Olive Branch area, I'm privileged to see the ongoing colors customers are choosing to paint the interior and exterior of their homes. Its fun to observe decorating trends, not to mention being involved in them.  And I'm here to tell you folks, gray paint colors are still in vogue and still going strong. I don't keep track, but I'd venture to say that at least a third if not 50% of all the hundreds of interior painting jobs we've done so far this year have involved some form of gray wall color. The beautiful thing about gray walls is that you can decorate with almost any color of fabric and appointment, and its going to look great. Gloomy old gray, as it used to be thought of, has a way of brightening a room when decorating against it with bright yellows, golds, teals, oranges, reds and blues. Such colors just pop against gray walls, bring a room to life, and bring appointments and fabrics into clearer focus. And then add an accent wall in a darker gray or fun color, and rooms can become so, so inviting. For that reason I love gray (yes, the inside of my house is painted with various shades of gray, and the outside is about to become gray). I love the way it makes my bright gold drapes stand out, or how teal colored vases really shimmer, or an orange chair bursts with color in a room.  I hope gray is here to stay for many years to come. I think its a safe bet that it will continue to trend for many years. I hope so. Because I'm just not ready to return to boring old beige.